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Mermaids Can Have Sex gives the answer to the questions many generations have asked about these mythical creatures.

Can mermaids exist? If so, how do they procreate?
The World Government renamed Earth and banned all religions, countries, customs and languages. In Year 95, Ryder prepares to leave college when alleged terrorists apparently attempt to destroy the building. While watching the terrorists die, his dissatisfaction with life highlights everything he finds wrong with Terra, as the World Government now calls the planet. Before embarking on his career as a financier, he decides to search the galaxy for a better life.
Humans have colonised the galaxy. No other life form exists anywhere. Every planet is the same as Terra. When a corrupt governor orders his death, he escapes but his spaceship suffers multiple failures. His ship crashes into the oceans of a quarantined water planet. The only intelligent life lives in the sea. These mers understand Terran, meaning humans had visited recently. Mermaid outcasts help him to survive. Yet nothing is as it seems. By discovering the anomalies of this planet, he accidentally solves Terra's puzzle. With no means of escaping the planet, and knowing the World Government would not allow him to live, he must find the only alternative.


Pinned Heart: This is Book Two of the Douglas Knight Great Yarmouth Murder Mysteries, and can be read as a stand-alone novel.
Douglas returns from a long European trip and meets his old friend Detective Inspector James Shillito near the police station. Two things immediately happen. First, he meets the first woman who catches his interest since losing Harriet. Ellen is only visiting the town for a few days, but her brother is missing. Second, a constable tells them they have found a body buried on the beach, which they discover is Ellen's missing brother. Their investigations gather the threads of evidence until their rope becomes solid enough to hang the murderer. Yet Douglas cannot accept the truth.


Note that the Haven and the Soul Keepers series is temporarily withdrawn for total rewriting, completion and reordering.

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