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Inspired Worlds is an independent publisher currently specialising in distributing the literary works of the award-winning author Alan G. Brown across varied platforms.







Each book has its own page, and shows the formats currently available. Links are also provided to take you to the relevant shop. The range is extending regularly, so frequent visits are advisable. Alternatively, you can follow the author on Facebook.

If you have read the book and would like to send a review to share with other readers, then please leave a review on the website from which you purchased the book. The author may include your review on this website. Remember, the review can be as long as you like.

Each fiction book is about the size of a hardback (Royal, for those in the know), but with a thick, glossy (laminated) card cover and filled with high-quality white paper. Print size is 12pt for easy reading. In all, these 'paperbacks' are excellent works of art and a real keepsake. They also make the perfect gift.

Note: All books published from 1st January 2009 will be released in Casewrap format first, followed by paperback, both 6" x 9", with pages in cream or white.

Please read the 'Ordering' page for further information.

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Grave Digging

Deserve to Die

Devine Retribution


A Prayer for Jara

The Seventh Seal

Light SF

 The Life Pool

The Spurious Sorcerer

Out of Time

Tainted Love

Dark Secrets

Sins of the Father




Haven and the Soul Keepers













































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