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Sins of the Father




Genre: Modern Romantic Drama
Pages: Approx 270
Written: 2009
Published 24th August 2012
Includes some mild language and sex.
Additional tags: incest, clubbing, affairs. 

Sins of the Father is a modern social/romantic drama about a young pair of lovers.

This book comes under the 'Tainted Love' section. (Forbidden Love generally indicates same sex couples, but these Tainted Love books are for those other forbidden fruits).

If you loved someone and wanted to marry them, what is the worst their parents could say, apart from No? What revelation could produce the ultimate sense of betrayal? And how would you react?
Paul and Ellie each believe they have finally met the one person with whom they can share their life after becoming bored with the clubbing scene. They have to learn to overcome misunderstandings and distorted truths from all sides. Trust must accompany true love. Losing trust can tear their love to shreds. Even money can lose importance when set against life and love. Yet truth is sometimes overstated. Truth can close society around a person, squeezing and pummelling until only death remains. Their love for each other is strong, but the past can become a powerful enemy.
Romance has never been easy but, in these modern times, complications can be greater than ever before.








The references to the Internet searches in the book are accurate as at the time of writing and publishing. This meant returning to the local friendly police for them to assist me in my enquiries. Although their reaction may not be exactly as depicted in the book, their current actions are accurate. The millenium has seen many changes in what is allowed regarding sexual partners, even if many countries have not bothered to change ancient laws. The psychology of sexual feelings between children who grow up together, whether related or not, are true, as is the feelings between siblings, or half-siblings, who never met until older. Most of us have witnessed the affairs of other couples, and know of children born under modern lax rules, so the occurrence of questionable or actual incestuous relationships may be higher than anyone believes.






































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